Now you can enjoy fresh and ready to eat Chapati, Thepla and Pav Bread with all your meals. Chapatis are made from blend of whole wheat flour and all purpost flour. In all Indian kitchens, this flat unleavened chapati's, Parathas and Pav Bread is versatile and handy. Just heat them in the microwave, stove or toaster-oven. Contain no lard, animal products.

Sunita Talwar

We just had our daughter's marriage sweets catered by Janaki Foods. Snacks and sweets were hit at the ceremony. Service was great and timely. Sweets were fresh and delicious. Mala ji , owner of Janaki Foods, was very accommodating and provided good suggestions. She was very flexible in dealing with us.

Divya Mahesh

The sales dept is awesome. I complained about a product and they not only responded in a timely fashion but also sent a package with the product I complained about. Customer service and product quality are the only 2 things that will take any business far and Janaki is definitely on that path.